of the scientific-practical journal “Water resources, energetic and ecology”
of the Institute of water problems, hydropower and ecology
of the National academy of sciences of Tajikistan

Scientific articles submitted for publication in the journal must meet the following requirements:
a) the scientific article must be prepared in accordance with the requirements established by the journal;

b) the article must be the result of scientific research;

c) the topic of the article must correspond to one of the scientific directions of the journal.

Articles in the text of which materials of other authors are used without citation will not be submitted for further consideration and such articles will not be allowed for publication in the journal.
Requirements for the design of the scientific articles:
The text of the article should be prepared in Microsoft Word format, in Times New Roman font for Russian and English text and Times New Roman Tj for Tajik text, size – 14, fields – 2.5 cm from all directions, interval – 1.5.
Formulas, symbols and letter designations of quantities must be typed in the formula editor Microsoft Equation or Math Type (font 12). Only those formulas to which there are references are numbered.
Tables, diagrams, diagrams and figures must be grouped and numbered, and also, they must have a name.
The volume of the article (including annotation and bibliography) should be in the range of 10 to 15 pages of A4 format.
The article should have the following structure:
1. UDC index per article;
2. Title of the article;
3. Surname and initials of the author (example: Kurbonov N.B.);
4. The name of the organization in which the author (s) of the article works, the postal address
of the organization, city, country;
5. The main text of the article;
6. List of used literature (no less than 10 and no more than 25 titles of scientific literature).
7. Title of the article, abstract and keywords (if the article is in Tajik, the abstract and keywords are drawn up in Russian and English; if the article is in Russian, the abstract and keywords are made out in Tajik and English; if the article is in English, abstract and keywords are drawn up in Tajik and Russian).
8. Annotation is drawn up in the amount of at least 5-7 lines, keywords from 5 to 10 words or phrases;
9. At the end of the article, in two languages (Russian and English), information about the author (s) in the following order: full name of the author (s), academic degree and academic title (if any), name of the organization in which the author (s) works, position, phone, e-mail. 
When citing specific material, links are indicated in square brackets []. Sample: [7, p.107], that is, the literature No.7 and page 107.
The author (s) is responsible for the accuracy of the information.