Chief Editor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Docent Amirzoda O.H.
Deputy chief editors – Candidate of Technical Sciences Kurbonov N.B., Candidate of Biological Sciences Karieva F.A.
Executive Secretary – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent, Corresponding Member of the EA RT Bahriev S.H.

Editorial team:
Abdullaev S.F. – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

Abdushukurov J.A. – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

Aminov J.A. – Doctor of Science (PhD);

Gulakhmadov A. – Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Davlashoev S.K. – Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Emomov K.F. – Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Fazilov A.R – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Docent;

Karieva F.A. – Candidate of Biological Sciences;

Kodirov A.S. – Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Murtazaev U.I. – Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor;

Nasirov N.K. – Doctor of Technical Sciences;

Petrov G.N. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

Pulatov Y.E. – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor;

Shaimuradov F.I. – Candidate of Technical Sciences

Stepanova N.N. – Candidate of Technical Sciences.